Monday, December 21, 2009

tick tock tick tock

well, i have been away. we took a little trip to rexburg for the grandpa ashton surprise b-day party. i love hangin' with the ashtons.

i know all three of you are wondering what the 5th, 6th, and 7th days of christmas were.....well the 5th was a replaced windshield (very useful and very very much appreciated, but i didn't think many people would want a pic of that one. ha)

the 6th & 7th were days of mirrors....check it out....

The top three mirrors will eventually swivel out after i mount them.
neat huh.

by the way..if anyone ever reads this you should also check out my cousin Katie's Blog..
it's on the left under..katie jo designs. (as i am obviously too lazy to post a link here). she is so creative it makes me feel sheepish. ha.

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Sandra said...

You are a spoiled child - that's all I can say. That leather bound mirror rocks! covet covet covet