Saturday, September 27, 2008

i can i can i can

i recently just finished this book (and aaron's birthday gift..sorry aaron) and loved it! this is a story about one of the lost boys of sudan. it's one of those stories that makes you realize the ease of your own life. valentino achak deng's story is incredibly moving and honestly more tragic than i thought any human being could endure. i love to read books that put life into perspective. i tend to mope when life doesn't turn out exactly how i wanted it to, and then you wake up and realize how easy it has been when compared to a story like this. point. be grateful because it could be much much worse. check out this man's website

this man is changing the world he knew. i feel do more. i live within my own tiny world most of the time when there is so much suffering and need waiting for our help. yes!!! ok. soapbox number 2 complete. amen.

Friday, September 26, 2008

what a world what a world

sarah palin. mmmmm, i've been incredibly excited about a woman becoming vp, but after watching a recent interview with katie couric.......i'm...uh...confused. ha.

terrible interview! the leaders of our country should hold a higher level of competency. i want someone who is up to date with the economy and has a (good) plan to fix it. i'm probably being slightly harsh considering i have no idea what that pressure is like, but don't run if you can't take soapbox complete.

for the good news. i had parent teacher conferences last night. i still think it's quite hilarious that i'm a teacher, but these kids are learning to read music and appreciate different art forms. it's so rewarding to watch.

o and aaron and i signed up for a web design class! i'm learning graphic design and it makes me incredibly happy. i like quiet time and have decided that although i love to be social most of the time, i need time to think and own the silence. the end

Monday, September 22, 2008


yes. i am now a high school teacher.  i teach at a performing arts charter school and realize everyday how immature i am.  it's amazing how quickly maturity can slip away when put in the right situation.  point.  "mzzz. cope, i like your dress but i'd like it a lot better in a different color." ha.  good times.  i'm pretty sure i replied with "to each her own." LAME.  i actually love my students, but it is a little um shocking. i like to call it the "lack of filter" that is prevalent in young peeps.  i feel awkward all over again. and believe me, high school was awkward.  i was/will never be cool.  *sigh *sniffle.  

by the pics to follow as soon as i get them. wha ha ha. nap time?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


welcome to the new and very dark blog of nat and aaron. weee.  i decided it was time to keep my friends/family updated on my day to day life as exciting as that may be. ha.  why dread? tomorrow is school.  school is early.  i am a person who adores her sleep and thus am very much dreading my alarm clock's buzz.  i am new at this blogging thing and wanted to throw something together fast (design thus all black), but...aaron has bought me software so that bec and i can start tinkering with design. so expect something a little better in the next short while.  i'll stop with the run-on sentences, but welcome welcome.  aaron is asleep next to me. fun hater.