Monday, February 16, 2009

V day!!!

yes....the yellow truck...."bulldozer" get it? subtle.

a w e s o m e.

My favorite truck of the night.

So instead of placing unrealistic romantic expectations on aaron this year i decided to plan valentines day. i think every wife/girlfriend should take over planning dates because it's harder than you think!!! aaron was amazed at how much time i spent planning. (i think it's good to set a high standard ha.)

so white trash date here we come.

the night began after I researched the best hamburger in salt lake...."the Garlic Burger" was the critic choice so we headed out to "the cotton bottom inn" i.e. bar. hilarious. imagine psycho....shower scene knife jabs...death music....and welcome to the good ol' cotton bottom.

being the awkward non-drinkers in the small dark creepy room, we order our diet cokes and pick the darkest corner in the shack. ha. then we jump into our burgers. ah long-lasting garlic breath isn't the most romantic idea in the world. stupid natalie. ha

next up. MONSTER TRUCK RACE!!!! yeah! too much testosterone. at first i was very confused on why anyone would want to spend money on this event...but that was before the monster truck "freestyle" uh huh. HUGE jumps, spinning, rolling, man shouting, air jabs, hand slap, YEAHHHHHHH. chest slap. phew. what a date.

i'll spare you details of our white trash "after party" ha. welp. love ye aaron.

Monday, February 2, 2009

cutie pie

yes i am eating conversation hearts. so i'm sitting here in the hospital watching my rock star sister sleep. she just had her new baby boy Bryant. he's now in the nicu (newborn intensive care unit) for some breathing complications. it all seems so unreal that my twin sister has a child. i'm hoping he's going to make it through today with no other problems, that they'll be able to find the problem so that bec and bry can reunite. i see how much she misses him already. to you mothers out there. way to go. that's the scariest thing i've ever seen!!! ha. i can't believe women put themselves through that! and those of you who don't have an epidural. wow. masochists? jokes

another heart.

I hope....

love you bec and bryant. i just want bec to have a room full of flowers and family with her little boy. i hope it happens!!!!

and to trav. you'll be the best dad of all time. no really