Wednesday, January 28, 2009

job hell

i had to give out grades today. i am horribly bad at giving out grades. what is the point of some stupid letter defining how smart a person is? well, i had lots of kids with lots of bad grades. (okay probably not THAT many but does that mean i suck as a teacher?) mmmmm don't think about it.

notice how much of a fine line there is between hope and holy crap my life is turning to crap? i choose hope. that's my message of the day. choose, because it's too easy to fall off the ledge.

i've been listening to tin hat trio...i strongly recommend it. even if it's just a one time go.

i like randomness. shall i try word association? black. black speaker. black like my decaying dark demented soul ha. soul. music. the thrill is gone. gone. sunlight. tan. swimming. st george. becca. laughter. baby. bec's baby. excited. aaron. car horn. aaron's home!

the end. love to all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

why hello

so i'm not a blogger. those of you who know me well....know this VERY well. BUT i'm making a change. mostly so that my niece will know my name. so here's a shout out to the ava. your aunt's name is NATALIE. (deb, this is where you practice....n a t a l i e). very good.

things of interest for today and/or thoughts of the day. aaron had me record some funny sounding vocals for some track he's putting together. it was incredibly fun and aaron was a very good vocal coach. his comments and I quote, "just put more air in it. stop supporting it. sound like a little girl." a betty boop visual was the key to unlocking my voice teacher's worst nightmare. ha. it was a pretty great diversion if nothing else.

Other thoughts. i'm rereading "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac. I read this book two years ago and thought it was ...well....not very captivating and scattered. BUT aaron claims it was a society changing book so i'm giving it a second chance. apparently he wrote the whole book on one long sheet of paper with no punctuation or paragraphs. so when I read it seems like a very very very very long road. ha. those intellectuals out there please forgive me, i'm trying!

well...another day of teaching tomorrow. i have two auditions coming up so we'll see how they go. keep an eye out for any events that need a singer. woot.