Monday, April 6, 2009

give me what i want

i officially yelled at the weatherman yesterday. aaron thought i was a little crazy but COME ON. i find it very irritating when fox 13 says weather NOW, news NOW, blah blah blah and then they string you on for an hour until they give you the 7 day forecast. oh, and right before they do they say something very mysterious like..."will it be more of the same this week, we'll tell you as soon as we get done with fifteen comercials and talking about a woman had 40 cats in her home and repeat news repeat news repeat news..and this was the temperature today" (as if we didn't look outside or leave the house ALL DAY). and usually the person giving it is so pleased with themselves that they actually predicted 7 DAYS OF COLD WEATHER. boo on you and boo and utah. i'm moving to hawaii and starting a music program. rant complete. i feel better. lighter. can i get an amen?

on a happier note. i was actually on Fox 13 news for cool school of the week. yup humiliating but fun.

Friday, April 3, 2009


to bec;

ahem. those of you not bec, feel free to skip this post. i just wanted to let you know how fantastic you are at being a mom. whenever i watch you have eternal patience through bryant's hour(s) of screaming i am always amazed. i guess i never realized before how very difficult motherhood is. i have to say, i was a little skeptical of complaining mothers to their very tired full-time working husbands but oi it looks hard raising a kid. i can sleep whenever i want (okay, well mostly), i can be selfish most of the time and motherhood changes everything about that. so i guess long way of saying YOU ROCK. love ya