Monday, October 27, 2008

things and stuff

ah the opera.  a few weeks ago i took my classes to see madame butterfly.  what can i say, it's three hours of operatic singing with a suicide at the end.  i probably should've warned them of that but i couldn't resist seeing their reaction.  my take on the production= great scenery but not so great singing.  this could've been because i attended a "dress rehearsal" and some of the singers were marking (i guess it is puccini and very long).  overall i felt that it was lacking some emotional connection to the audience.  

on a lighter note, i'm soon posting pics of my apartment for all to see. woot.  o, and i participated in the cope family pumpkin carving night last night (aaron with a drill and mixing tip is something not to miss)...stay posted...

Monday, October 13, 2008

happy happy happy

i'm HAPPY. ha.  i've made a goal and i'm sticking with it.  so this week brings lots of happy activities *mad laughter.  thursday i'm taking my performing arts kids (and the fam) to the opera.  i'm pretty excited to take these kids to something completely different than the norm they're used to. hopefully they won't fall asleep.  i have school off thursday & friday. woot.  bec and i decided to craft a table so we'll see what actually happens.  as for the other details in my life.  not much happening that i will openly talk about on a blog. ha.  i'm in serious need of good friends.  i think i've officially past the "only want to be with my husband every day and night" stage and am ready for outside individuals in my life.  (as much as i do love aaron) it's time.  i've been thinking about what i like about winter.  you notice i say "like" because actually i HATE winter. yes random rant. i'm tired.  so i came up with a few "happy winter activities".....

barnes and noble.  new book smell.  hot chocolate.  quiet corner. heaven.  all i need is a light snow outside. mmm mmmm

crisp air.  weird i know. i love walking outside and thinking.  *ahhhhhhh THAT'S clean air.

holidays.  need i say more.  i'm a five year old stuck in a tired body.

yeah.  that's all i've got.  any ideas?