Monday, March 8, 2010

the trip

just got back from an amazing girl trip. we saw everything from the golden gate bridge to haight street. my sister has all of the pics, but these are a few from my phone. what an adventure! thanks to m&m for making this such a memorable trip. remember how we were mugged? yes, that happened.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i was moping recently. i do that sometimes. i think to myself, "i am only 24 and the most exciting part of my day is scrabble and a diet coke," and then I sigh and feel bad for myself. (i'm not saying this isn't diva-esque behavior but I occasionally wallow in in self-pity. what?). aaron noticed the other night and decided that in order for his wife to be happy she needed adventure.

so he took me to the Clark Planetarium and we saw this...

on Sunday we decided to explore this...

this is the spiral jetty in case you were wondering. it's out in the middle of nowhere and well, we almost made it until we ran out of gas..BUT an adventure it still was. (and i would show you pics of our adventure if my camera hadn't deleted all of them. sigh).

tomorrow i'm off to san fran. yay for feeling alive :)