Tuesday, February 9, 2010

L is for the way you look at me...

valentines day. i sort of hate to love this holiday. it's the kind of day that builds every ridiculous expectation of relationships and romance only to leave you feeling sad and old. ha.(and let me just say, aaron makes an effort..did you see my 12 days of christmas? no, it just does something completely irrational to my sense of happiness). i suddenly expect to feel like i am dating again..and as we all know,

Marriage is NOT Dating.

That is to say, marriage is WAY harder but also more fulfilling and definitely more real, while dating is just excitement and flirtation. maybe that's it. i forget how amazing and important honesty, reality (i.e. being real) and loving a person even if their eyes swell shut everyday (allergic reaction, ask me later) really is. i just want to feel new, exciting, and smokin' hot. ha. so here are my goals for this year's love fest.

1. chill out
2. love unselfishly
3. eat a lot

and maybe make my traditional v-day sugar explosion. muah.

here is a video of aaron and me in paris..and in love. ahhhh

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Sandra said...

You two make me happy! Thanks! Paris - wow - how cool is that!